Exciting with all the largest water game machine from Tube Trek Water Park, here is the largest water game machine in Northern of Thailand that separate by 4 high light zone. Supervised installation by a water park engineer from overseas. Testing system in accordance with the standards of international water parks.
• Space Fortress Space Pool for Kids in Spaceship Style in Space
• Splash Pool Phase Slider Zone with 7 sliders 7 styles
• High tide artificial seawater zone, enjoy the virtual water play by the sea.
• Wave Rafting Go with the whirlpool and enjoying the beautiful stunning atmosphere

Tube Trek Water Park Map

Space fortress : Uranus Maze

  •  The pool that designed for children is only 40 centimeters deep. There have slider for children, decorate by a cartoon like space concept, it can shoot water guns plus all funniness and fill full children’s imagination.

Spin Slide: Space Rotate

  • Spin Slide: Space Rotate Single slider that uses water power to slide player with speedy through slider rail. This slider zone was designed to have a different angle and crooked to make the player feel new excitement.  

Aqualoop X: Tunnel of Planet

  • Aqualoop X: Tunnel of Planet Single Slider for single player, use water power to slide the player through the slider tube. The player will feel exciting while to get through the dark tube, wouldn’t know what they will see.

Aqualoop: Dabble through Galaxy

  • Slider for 2 person play with rubber tires, Slide through crooked rail, add more fun by wave rail from the third floor of this zone. Aqualoop: Dabble through Galaxy

U-Swing : centrifugal force to the sky

  • U-Swing A poplar large slider for adventures, The Player will swing in U shape by rubber tire for 2 people, the gravity will make all players moving fast, then swing to the top of slider then go down to the pool.

Racing 3: Beam Racing

  • Slider that play with slider broad in lie down position and slid down by the water power, The highlight is in the last that the player will slide down in vertical position, give player unexpected excitement and fun.

Agravic Capsule: Space shuttle

  • Agravic Capsule Space shuttle The most exciting slider, the player must stand in space shuttle then the staff will relieve the player from the highest point go down to the tube with speedy, there really is the most exciting experience.

Wave Rafting : The Ring of Stars

  • Wave Rafting The Ring of Stars Lazy River that deep 90 cm and length 200 meters. The traveler will sit on the rubber tire and, floating by running water, see the view of the water park, feel the fresh cold water from fountain tube, enjoin and r

High Tide : Cosmic Waves

  • High Tide Cosmic Waves Fake Ocean that has 0.9 meter high waves with 10 different styles of waves, the waves control by making waves modern machine. The traveler will feel like touching the real sea and sand. 

Splash Pool Phase : Wormhole : Tunnel Through Dimension

  • Wormhole Tunnel Through Dimension Tornado shape slider play with rubber tires of 4 people, slide into the speedy tunnel to the bottom of tornado shape, giving customer excitement and fun.


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