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TUBE TREK Water Park Chiang Mai, The first standard water park in Chiang Mai. Largest in the North With 4 fun zones for all ages. Supported by a modern service system, all the players are made by a dedicated player production company. Assemble and control work by foreign engineers. Secure all the fun with Lifeguard training courses on water. And the basic life-saving The standard of over 50 people in Italy supports unexpected events with professional nurses and accident insurance. Manage water cleaning With recirculating water filtration system Check and treat water every time the service is closed. The service is enjoyable especially our great high light such as shop restaurant (Thai and international style food and beverage) coffee shop and Souvenir Shop Zone, whenever you are here you will feel like you are in the space.



  • TUBE TREK WATERPARK We strive to provide you and your family with a fun and fulfilling experience. We offer a wide range of customer services and facilities for our distinguished guests with the following facilities and services:
    Free Serviced
    Tube Trek Water Park has strong, determined to give you and your family get the most funniness experiences. We are offering multiple convenient serviced to customer as below list;
    1. Rubber tire 3 size for 1-4 person
    2. Slider broad
    3. Standard Life Jacket

    Rental Serviced
    1. Locker for rent only 60 Baht per day, total locker is 1700 unit.
    2. Great Quality towels for rent only 50 Baht, every piece was clean by 5 Star Hotels Cleaning

    Cabana for rent 800 Baht, comfort and privacy, Let the recipient rest and relax every motion.


    Souvenir shop

  • Tube Trek Water Park has Souvenir shop that comes with many kinds of product ready to fill full your special shopping day, no matter you want a hat, shirt, flip-flop, towels, bags or something else. We get prepared all for you in our souvenir shop. After you are done with play with water, you can get more relax here at our Tube Trek Water Park souvenir shop.


Food and Berverage

  • We proudly offer a variety of food in the beautiful view area, bring you to the best relaxing with all kinds of our restaurant by the good taste high quality and worth price, separate as the zone as below;
    1.Food Center, We have Thai Food and other Asian Food come with Thai people taste.
    2.Water Park Coffee, We have coffee and other kind of hot or cold beverage from Champ of barista of Thailand, A special side is variety favor Bing Su and many kinds of cake.
    3.Juice Leb, A smoothie café with fresh fruits, sweet and cold, the taste just perfect for everyone.
    4.Street Pizza, Original Pizza Street Food style, we have warm pizza directly from the oven and all kinds of snack.


    Massage and Spa

  • We provide professional massage services after you have had a great time with your activities. At the water park There is nothing better than relaxing and rejuvenating your body with a traditional massage. By a team of masseuses trained and trained professionally. With amazing price, friendly atmosphere. This will impress you from the first minute of service. Massage therapists who all work professionally. And the true love of service allows customers to enjoy, relax, and give them a great


    Security and Safety System

  • For everyone funniness and safety, our lifeguard over 50 people was training standard water rescue and the basic life-saving skills from Italy, ready to supports unexpected events with professional nurses and accident insurance as below;
    1. Over 50 number of life guard that were training standard life saving skills from Italy standby every water game machine.
    2. Nursery Room with First AID and basic medication ready to support the sickness and accident or unexpected events with professional medical staff.
    3. Standard Ambulance with Lifesaving equipment convenient and ready standby during water park opening time.
    4. Accident insurance for every customer.


    Cleanliness management system

  • Our cleanliness management system is modern system. Every water game machine was produced by specific game machine company, controlled by foreigner engineer. We are reducing and controlling cleanliness by professional standing order make our customer be assured with our cleanliness and safety management as below;
    1. The daily water monitoring system is checked by expert staff with specialized equipment specifically for the water park.
    2. Water treatment systems use advanced filtration systems and automatic chlorine detection in water.
    3. Use The International standards of Cleaning System for pool and water game machine every day before opening and after service.


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Address 55/5 Moo.10 Tumbol. Tonpao Amphoe.
San Kamphaeng , Chiang Mai 50130

Open-Close Opening Time : All day open 11.00am - 6.30pm (close on Wednesday)

Email info@tubetrek.co.th

Tel 052 010 123

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